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All about LINE Games CI and logo

LINE Games ci 이미지

LINE Games CI is a symbolic image. It is strictly forbidden to change and modify and must be used according to the guideline. Please download the CI guideline for more information.


Horizontal version (Default)시그니처 가로형 이미지

Vertical version시그니처 세로형 이미지

The horizontal version is a default version. However, you can use a vertical version if there is a space limitation.

Color System

LINE Games

Pantone 2271C C 72 M 00 Y 100 K 00
R 0 G 185 B 0
HEX #00B900

LINE Games

Pantone Black C C 00 M 00 Y 00 K 100
R 0 G 0 B 0
HEX #000000

The spot color printing is recommended when the logo is used by print media. However, print media that uses four color printing must insert CMYK value. A visual media must use either RGB color or HEX code value.